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The Importance of Food Safety Labels

Posted in CS Labels News by CS labels on 16:46 April 22nd, 2014
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Keeping an eye on what you eat goes beyond just reading the nutritional label on your food packaging. Some foods have special safety instructions. Space is often at a premium on modern food packaging that they are often ignored. Peel and Reveal Labels offer a great way to save space while still including these crucial instructions on your product.

Why Are Food Safety Labels So Important?

Food safety labels are extremely important when packaging and selling food to consumers. Some foods come with special handling or storage instructions that must be followed in order to avoid illness or spoilage.

For example, in America in early 2011, there were a couple of cases where unrefrigerated soup led to the consumers contracting botulism. While it is rare that you will contract such a potentially fatal disease, there is still a high risk of other forms of illness if cooking or storage instructions are ignored or missed.

This is especially true when cooking or handling raw meats, such as chicken or beef. Improper storage of fresh meat can lead it to it going off very quickly, or being potentially dangerous to eat. Bacteria like E.Coli can lurk in poorly cooked food, where as disease like salmonella is common when eating badly prepared poultry.

Food Safety labels also ensure that the product you are buying has been checked for quality so it meets government legislative standards and is safe to eat. Some of these, like the Red Lion or Red Tractor are easily recognisable, but their presence can often add to the clutter found on food packaging.

How Can Peel And Reveal Labels Help?

Grabbing consumer’s attention is imperative in the supermarket. As a result, much food packaging these days can be a little cluttered as brands search for the best way make their product stand out on shop shelves. This where Peel and Reveal Labels can come in handy.

Peel and reveal labels are an excellent space saving method. They work by featuring a surface label that can be peeled away revealing a hidden label underneath. The labels are cemented together using residue-free adhesives, making sure that the label won’t affect the food and making them easy to peel away.

If your food packaging must include more specialised instructions that would take up a lot of room, perhaps due to the nature of the food or changes to nutritional labelling, but you don’t want to compromise on space for your company’s logo or on-packaging promotions, then utilise peel and reveal labels to ensure no crucial information is missed by the consumer.

Want Peel And Reveal Labels?

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