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We're Color-Logic

Posted in CS Labels News by Claire on 15:40 February 14th, 2012
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Color-logic is a revolutionary and eye-catching new printing technique we have added to our range of services. 

The Metallic Color System allows us to consistently and reliably print metallic colours and special effects onto a metalised substrate. The only difference in the files is how they are processed in the studio. 

A choice of 260 bright and eye-catching colours make up the color logic library, all with varying grades of coverage creating different sorts of effects on the substrate. 

Printed alongside a white toner, labels can be created that have different levels of metallic effects. Those areas covered with both white and CMYK will produce a non metallic effect, but leave the white toner off and a metallic colour will be created. 

The new technology can be used in a wide variety of ways, it can be added to text to help it stand out, utilised on logos or graphics to catch the viewer's eye. Hints of metallic can also be introduced to your images allowing you to give that more realistic or unusual effect allowing your product to be unique. 

To get the most out of the system, it should be used as a special effect and therefore, not used over an entire label. Text can be subtly differentiated from a background colour by adding a metallic effect to it. Certain areas of imagery can also be highlighted using a metallic colour. The image manipulation is particularly effective on items such as cars and motorbikes or those items which are made from metallic materials, giving them that more realistic look. 

If you still like the sound of the new Color-logic system and would like to see more, request some press samples by getting in touch with us.