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What To Consider When Creating Your Window Stickers

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 12:12 February 28th, 2014
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Windows are not a space that immediately jumps to mind when people think of advertising or brand promotion; in reality, this space is ideally placed for such a task. People express their views with car window stickers and shop windows are almost always customer facing, so why not exploit the unique properties that this area brings and create some window stickers for your business?

How Do You Design Effective Window Stickers?

There are many things to consider when designing window stickers – probably the most important is the size of the window. A window sticker for the rear windscreen of a car is not going to be appropriately sized if it’s the size of a shop window sticker, with the reverse also being true. Another issue with size is to bear in mind that there is no standard window size, a consideration that is particularly applicable with car windows; the windscreen of a Mini Cooper is going to be markedly smaller than that of a Jeep, and can lessen the impact of your window sticker if you forget this.

Another issue to be cognizant of is the compatibility of the design – this is somewhat related to the size of the window but is linked more to the shape of the window. Square window stickers are less effective on circular windows, for example, so try to match your sticker to the shape of the window. Text positioning is also important, as it may be clipped off on installation. When putting the logo onto your window sticker also try to keep it as central as possible to prevent any being cut off. 

The final thing to remember is that overdesigning can kill the appeal of your window stickers; as a rule of thumb, try to remove around 25% of non-essential information after you’ve completed your design, as this will help to make your sticker look less ‘busy’.

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