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Window Stickers for a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 09:16 April 24th, 2012
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Window Stickers to Adapt Everyday Objects

Window stickers offer a fantastic medium through which you can be creative with your marketing campaigns. They present an easy way in which to decorate your windows and garner attention, leaving a long lasting effect on consumers. Our window stickers provide the opportunity to think outside the box with your marketing campaign. The image below is a prime example of how you can utilise window stickers to adapt your windows and easily turn them into another marketing opportunity for your brand.  

Guerilla Marketing Window Stickers

Campaigns such as the one above have a positive effect on consumers. It is the unusual placement of this campaign that makes it stand out in the memories of potential customers. Providing consumers with something out of the ordinary that is easily encountered in their daily lives makes window stickers an effective marketing tool. 

Why Choose Window Stickers from CS Labels?

CS Labels understand the importance of working closely with our customers to produce window stickers that fulfil the ideas of the customer. This is even more important in the production of guerrilla marketing window stickers as these can often be obscured in design and shape. Choosing CS Labels for your window stickers guarantees the highest quality products exactly how you want them. Specialising in digital labels, we can work closely with you to ensure that the design going to print is exactly as you intended.