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For those who haven't heard, Northern Monk Beer have extensive ranges of beer, and a huge following both in the UK and internationally.  The beer comes in various strengths, flavours and is usually accompanied with some sort of story, artwork, project or campaign.

For the mass ranges, NBCO delivers printed cans to their customers, but recently had major issues with their supply chain.

"COVID-19 has taken its toll across our supply chains. We recently found out that we couldn’t get our cans printed on schedule from our supplier. We faced two weeks of down time and a massive loss of sales, not to mention letting all of you down. We were gutted. Determined not to let the situation get us down, we looked for solutions. We managed to get some plain cans and labels expedited. We also used the opportunity to print a unique number on each label"

CS Labels were on hand to assist

We could combine this emegency run of 215k labels (printed onto a metallic material) into a really fun engagement campaign.

The "Win your own personal pub" was launched and CS got to work on printing the labels with the variable data.  This is the FIRST sequentially numbered label project that Northern Monk has created and it allows them to track entrants into thier competitions.

As soon as the campaign launched, the engagement rate went through the roof.  In less than 24 hours since announcing the competition on Instagram, the 'LIKE' counter was over 1600 and growing! This popular, high quality beer brand delivers exciting ranges time and time again, and CS are proud to be a part of making it happen!

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