4 Uses Of Window Decals

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by Cs Labels on 09:18 April 03rd, 2018
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There are lots of different digital printing services available from the CS Labels team, one of which is our service for window decals.

What Is A Window Decal?

Custom decals are a fantastic way to make your brand stand out. A decal is a design that is printed onto a special type of paper for transfer onto a surface such as glass.

Decals can be very versatile and used for a variety of different purposes; here’s a list of four!

4 Uses Of Window Decals

1. Display Your Business’ Opening Hours
If you want to display the hours that your business is open, a decal can be a fantastic way to do this. By displaying the opening hours in a manner that is visible from the outside of the building, customers can quickly see your business hours.

2. Advertise Products Which Are Available In Your Store
Decals can be a great way to advertise products that are for sale in your business. For example, you could advertise that you sell a particular brand of product. However, they could also be used to advertise seasonal products which are only available at different times during the year. CS Labels digital technology makes seasonal labels easy to produce. For example, a restaurant could advertise that they are using a specific seasonal ingredient.

3. Display An Accreditation
If your business has received an accreditation that you would like to display, a window decal could be a fantastic way to show potential customers that your business has achieved this accreditation. For example, a restaurant that has achieved an award.

4. Promote A Sale Or Promotional Event
A decal could be used to promote a sale in your business, or a promotional event. For example, a clothing store could use a decal to advertise a ‘buy one get one free’ sale on a specific type of item.

Custom Decals From CS Labels

The talented team at CS Labels use the very latest Xeikon digital printing technology to create custom decals for our clients. Our friendly team work closely with you and your business in order to produce custom decals that you are proud to display. Our team can also help your business to design the decals if required.

We can produce decals of any size from small to large and can also provide runs of any length. So if you’re running a large promotion or a one off campaign, the talented and friendly CS Labels team can accommodate your needs.

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