5 Reasons Why You Should Use Window Decals

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 16:07 April 03rd, 2019
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At CS Labels, we can provide a wide range of digitally printed products including labels, stand up pouches, continuous film, and window decals.

With specific regards to decals, we have vast experience producing innovative designs which can help your brand to stand out from the crowd and grab attention from potential customers/clients.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Window Decals

Why should you business use decals to display information? What advantages do these decals have?

1. An Easy Way To Display Information To Customers/Clients
Information such as ‘service animals welcome’, your business’ opening hours, or promotional information regarding a limited time offer can be displayed at the front of your premises to provide an easy way for passing customers/clients to read the information. This saves space which would be taken up by a sign, and because decals can be transparent, it can improve visibility.

2. Removes The Need For A Framed Certificate
Another example for decals used on windows are food hygiene ratings. With our printed decals service you could have the rating facing the outside of the window, and the certification/licence facing the inside of the premises. This removes the requirement for a certificate to be framed on the wall which would just be sat there gathering grease and dust. Also, because our decals are produced digitally, signatures can be scanned and incorporated into the window sticker.

3. They Stay Fixed In Moist Environments
It’s very important that window displays stay clear and are easily cleaned. With our decal window stickers, you’ll be able to easily wipe them clean like you would a normal window and they’ll stay fixed, even in moist environments so you don’t have to worry about the decal fading or peeling off over time. However, if you don’t want a permanent decal for your window, we can also provide removable adhesive window stickers.

4. Can Be Printed On Both Sides
Our digitally printed window stickers can be printed on both sides, this means that you can provide you customers and clients with information on both sides of the sticker, or you could create an opaque sticker with a single colour on one side, negating the transparency of the decal.

5. A Choice Of White Or Silver PP Printing
When printing our window decals, we use the clear substrate Polypropylene (PP) which can be covered in either white or silver PP for printing, depending on the client’s requests.

Window Decals From CS Labels, An ISO 9001 2008 Accredited Provider Of Digital Labels

As a skilled family business with over 30 years of experience and as one of the leading suppliers of adhesive window decals, we can provide cost effective solutions even for short runs, environmentally friendly printing, and a free press proof on first order. Additionally, we also offer competitive prices and are ISO 9001 2008 accredited.

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