Adding Emphasis with a Self Adhesive Label

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 10:18 December 27th, 2011
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The products and services that a business offers can change during the course of the year, which often means that some of your literature and marketing material may become slightly out of date. Changing this marketing material to highlight a new product or service can be extremely costly, which is where a self-adhesive label comes in to add new life into your old marketing.

Adding an eye catching and informative self adhesive label to the front of your brochure can draw people’s attention to this new service. Brand new special offers can be advertised on your current services quickly and on a budget with a well designed self adhesive label. By using specific types of adhesive, the printed labels can be easily applied and removed meaning that limited time offers can be removed from your marketing material at any time.

As well as marketing materials, the self adhesive labels can be applied to any number of products. Our range of cake labels, bottle labels, brochure labels and window stickers can all be manufactured to make them easy to peel off at any time if necessary.

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