CS Labels Can Help You Transform Your Branding

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 07:59 March 03rd, 2015
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Do the labels on your product look dated? Do you feel the look of your product doesn’t connect with your customer? Does your brand look dated? Does it need a lift?

How Our Digital Label Team Can Really Help Your Brand Stand Out!

Then come and talk to Andrew and his team. We’re not just a digital label printer, we also have a lot of proven expertise in branding. Our team are great at getting a feel for what you are trying to achieve with your product and we can often provide you with many ideas and avenues that you might not have come across or tried in the past.

And we offer this for free; all we ask in return is that you at least consider CS Labels for your digital labelling requirements.

Our Track Record...

In the last couple of months we have rebranded a candle product, it now falls in line with the business cards, the packaging and website. What did it cost them? Some time and the price of their labels.

A sweet tea manufacturer had a bad experience abroad. They spent some time with us, and we mocked up a few samples while they waited. They now have a stunning new digital label that stands out on the shelf, looks really good and truly shows off the product.

And If Your Branding Is Good, But Your Label Needs Love...

It may be that the design of your product labelling is great, but it just needs that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. For example:

  • A metallic embellishment, we have over 250 colours of metallic for you to choose from.
  • A tactile feel to the label, with a textured surface perhaps?
  • Or a protected label, to prevent scuffing when transported

Digital labelling quite simply, is versatile. It holds no barriers so you can express yourself, make your product stand out from the crowd and enjoy the creative freedom. And we can give you that spark to create a real ignition and create a storm in the marketplace.

High Quality Digital Labels From CS Labels

For more information on our digital labels contact Andrew and his team on 01902 365840 or email sales@cslabels.co.uk for a free consultation. After all what do you have to lose... a little of your time perhaps? We think not after you talk to us.