CS Labels Specialist in Marine Environment Labels

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by Neil Churchill on 16:11 February 21st, 2014
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Do you have Hazard labels bound for sea transportation ?

You'll soon discover that your labels need to adhere to strict British Standard requirements.

BS5609 sets out various durability criteria including adhesive performance, print permanence and abrasion resistance.

Your labels must remain attached to containers or drums without losing legibility after exposure to sea water for at least 3 months.

Working with specialist supplier HERMA we offer the latest multi layer technology and alternatives to UV acrylic adhesives for the Marine environment making it easy for you to comply with BS5609.

HERMA have recently extended its portfolio of seawater resistant self adhesive materials with four new products.

The grade 880 white glossy PP label film is particually well suited to applications in which hostile weather conditions or where exposure to chemicals have to be endured.

Adhesives 62Xpc and 65Tpc can now endow labels made from this film with seawater-resistant properties as well. These adhesives offer high or extremely high (65Tpc) initial tack and final adhesion with very high shear strength. They also share exceptional resistance to light, heat and ageing.

The white matt label film PO Laser (grade 801) likewise offers seawater resistance, in combination with either dispersion adhesive 64Z or UV acrylate adhesive 64B.

Developed specifically for laser printers, the highly flexible and lightweight PO film offers compelling benefits when used for labelling drums or pallets in particular.

No matter what sort of containers are being used CS Labels will recommend not only the appropriate adhesives but also the appropriate materials which will guarantee reliable adhesion and seawater resistance.

If you’d like to find out more about marine labels from CS Labels,

call 01902 365840 or email sales@cslabels.co.uk