Digital Label Printing For Tubs Large and Small

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 15:02 September 13th, 2019
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If your business produces items that require a container to hold them in place, then ensuring that you’re able to obtain packaging that is the right type, shape and size is vital. But these things are designed to be sold, after all – so are these containers also able to attract attention? Can they clearly communicate what’s inside? How will the product benefit the buyer?

All this and more can be conveyed with digital label printing – so here, we’re going to cover the benefits that digital printing and well-designed labels has on tubs and containers.

Why Use Digital Label Printing For Tubs and Containers?

  • Great quality. Vibrant product labels will grab the attention of the customer. Digital printing presses are able to produce resolutions of more than double of what a traditional flexographic press can create. The result is a label with a crisp, clear image and lively colours – perfect to get all of the information/product branding you need to on your packaging.
  • Fast turnaround. No printing plates are required with digital label printing – this means that no time will be spent on producing plates, putting them into place, using them and taking them off the press again. As such, the time it takes to produce a run of labels is dramatically (and we don’t use that word lightly!) reduced.
  • Cost. Time is money, of course, but with you not having to pay for plates, as well as for their additional set-up, the cost of printing digital labels will be much less when compared to flexographic printing.
  • Short/customised runs. Another unavoidable aspect of printing with plates is that you would have to order a certain number of labels per run – meaning you would end up with more labels than you would need. Digital labels can be produced at a customised number – as many as you need, saving you yet more cost (as well as on material wastage).
  • Design flexibility. There may be a point where you’d like to edit your labels or bring out special editions. With flexographic printing, you would have to pay for new plates to be created from scratch – with digital printing, however, you can edit your labels and print special edition labels with ease. With no plates to make and set-up, your new versions can be printed straight away.

Here at CS Labels, we are able to produce a wide range of tub labels for containers small and very large – and everything else in between. Our digital printing process allows us to design and make high-quality product labels for any type of brand imaginable – a quick look at our products page providing a great insight. Innovation in design is very much at the centre of our business philosophy and as such, we are able to boast the ownership of three of the fastest models of digital printing presses in the world.

So if you’re interested in garnering the benefits of digital printed labels for your business, why not consider getting in touch with us today?

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