Digital Labels - 2012 revolution

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 13:13 June 06th, 2012
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In today’s marketing world, the key focus should be on spreading brand and business image and the best way to go about is through crafting out labels. People mostly judge a book by its cover and this is often true when it comes to products. This shows how important labels are for promotion. Since labels describe your products and give them an identity, they need to be crisp and clear. The best solution will be to choose digital labeling services from CS Labels. We are no doubt leaders when it comes to producing premier digital labels and this is what makes us stand at the forefront of digital label printing.

What makes digital labels create a revolution in the labeling industry?

•The labels are fast, cheap and efficient.
•Exact and accurate repeatability on previous jobs.
•It eliminates the need for printing plates and hence this will save you money as well as time.
•Dry toners are used and thus the labels are environmental friendly.
•Since the toners used are exceptionally light fast, the colours used on labels will not fade easily when compared to conventional labels.
•Set up cost is low.
•Cost per unit is low.

Why choose CS Labels to print your digital labels?

•We use the latest technology, including the Xeikon 3300, so the quality of our digital labels is now on par with traditional labels.
•We can print on an extensive range of stock including most papers and synthetics.
•It is highly flexible and customizable such that barcodes, numbers, names, addresses, dates, etc., can be easily incorporated. If you need to talk to us about your labeling needs or need advice on digital labels contact us at CS Labels on 01902 365840 or email us on