Digital Printed Labels: Helping Health and Wellbeing Products Keep Pace With Competitors

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 15:16 January 18th, 2017
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For many people, health (and more specifically, weight loss) will have featured heavily in their ‘New Years’ resolutions’ list. To help them to achieve their goals, health care products and supplements have become popular items to use whilst they are on the go. With the health and wellbeing market becoming more-and-more crowded as time goes on, and more people learn the benefits of how the products can help them to lead a healthier lifestyle, the questionof how can a business make their products stand out amongst so many can prove a tricky one to answer.

Here at CS Labels, we are an award-winning digital printed labels company who have a long, varied experience in printing labels and packaging for a wide range of business operations. Our digital printing process allows us to design and make quality labels for any type of brand imaginable. Constantly being at the forefront of the latest innovations in the industry, we have invested in new technologies in recent years and can now boast ownership of three of the fastest digital printing presses in the world. Quite simply, if you’re looking for high-quality, bespoke labels that can give your product the edge when it’s placed upon a shelf or browsed on a website, then CS Labels can help you to achieve your aims.

Why are health and wellbeing products proving popular?

With so many people starting to understand the benefits of undertaking a healthy lifestyle, in this busy, modern world, this has given an opportunity for previously-niche health products to take centre stage - offering consumers the unique benefits that they provide. This, as one would expect, has made the market somewhat crowded for certain products, so businesses will need to ensure that their products have a fresh, modern design in order to attract the attention of consumers.

Digital Printed Labels

Digital Printed Labels

We have been lucky enough to have assisted many health and wellbeing businesses in their quest to stand out amongst the crowded marketplace. For example, as outlined in a previous blog post, we worked with loose-leaf tea company, T-Tox, with the launch of a new range of products. Their matcha tea (a high quality, ceremonial grade Japanese green tea) is available in three different blends and required three distinctive labels to showcase their brand, making them attractive enough for consumers to pick up. In order to produce the printed labels, we used one of our super-fast CX3 digital label printers, along with a herma silver polypropylene substrate, to provide a protective film for the design. The label was finished off using a gloss overlaminate, which provided a further layer of protection. The finished result was an extremely high-quality, hard-wearing design that the client was delighted with, commenting on how it had received compliments from many of their customers. T-Tox have also just scooped the award for Best Tea at the World Beverage Innovations Awards!

Other health and wellbeing businesses we have assisted recently, include Isangs, the international organic hair and body care brand, who thanked us for the quality of the labels, as well as our quick service. Another was the essential oils brand Keep Immaculate, who were delighted with the labels and the personal service that they were offered.

Digital Printed Labels

Why digital labels?

When compared to more traditional flexographic printers, digital printers simply offer a far more flexible, cost-effective, and time-saving, option to print labels. What’s more, the better quality that is able to be to be produced, along with shorter (or longer!), customised print runs, makes it easy to see why countless brands are turning to digital printing for their labels.

Other, more subtle benefits that digital labels present, include:

  • Encourage brand loyalty
    Augmented Reality can be implemented upon printed labels, providing an extra element to the products. This code could simply be a link to a website, a promotional offer or even something that allows them to make the label into an interactive experience! If you’re seen as forward-thinking and able to offer your customers something extra when they purchase your product, you’re likely to be held in high regard and aside from the quality of your product, this will work to retaining the customer for the future.

  • Individuality
    Remember when Coca-Cola first rolled out cans and bottles with individual names on them? Doing this actually saw an increase in sales – something which many other businesses recognised and they are now implementing more individuality to their products. Of course, the cost of printing many individual names may be too great for many a business to invest in, but many have based their individualism on other aspects, including locality, an event, or even a particular season etc.

  • Flexibility in change
    Products change over time, whether it’s to update the design of the current label or to add some key text or changing legal requirements to the design, a digital label can be edited on a computer and printed from there. Traditional flexographic printers require brand-new plates to be printed, which aside from being time-consuming to undertake, will also be costly. All for potentially one minor change. Ultimately, having no worries about the plate cost or time needed will give brands the confidence and flexibility to update the design at any time they wish.

CS Labels – High-quality digital printed labels

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