Do you know what your vape e-liquid bottles are made of?

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by Neil Churchill on 15:10 January 03rd, 2018
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Do you know what your vape e-liquid bottles are made of?

Read this crucial white paper from CS Labels

Recently we published a highly successful white paper on getting your vape e-liquid labelling correct.

After some research last year we noticed that over 90% of packaging artwork submitted to us for printing was falling foul of the TPD/CLP compliance regulations.

Recently though it has also come to our attention that some vape e-liquid suppliers are having problems with their actual vape bottles.

This is due to the way that they are manufactured and the materials used.

Although we do not supply bottles, we are concerned about quality; this is both on an aesthetic level (no-one wants a label that doesn’t stick to the bottle properly) and a consumer level (no consumer wants their e-liquid leaking all over the label because of the plastic used in the bottle).

In a bid to help put this right, we have written a comprehensive white paper on e-liquid bottles and and how the way they are manufactured can have a huge effect on your brand. Ensuring your e-liquid bottle material is of the correct density is an easy and cost free process, and whether you are a first time vape juice supplier/manufacturer, or experienced in the field, it’s worth having a read.

Encourage customer loyalty and product quality with this paper on e-liquid bottles.

What does CS Labels offer the vape packaging market?
  • We produce pouches, boxes/cartons and a variety of digital labels:
  • High quality labels that adhere properly to even the smallest bottle of e-liquid.
  • Peel and reveal e-liquid labels – Multi-layered labels to enable you to fit more information inside.
  • Tactile warning triangle vape labels - your health warning triangle can be incorporated at time of print using our new machinery.
  • Foil and embossing for e-liquid labels – embellish your design with a foil effect or emboss.
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