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Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 15:17 November 18th, 2016
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Today we have a world of information at our fingertips, wherever we are, thanks to the internet and its ability to be displayed on portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. With so much connectivity available, the number of communications from brands to consumers is increasing rapidly – but many people will feel bombarded by these communications and ignore the message that the brand is sending out.

With these problems to solve, companies need to be increasingly innovative in order to find creative solutions around these issues. In terms of Black Friday – one of the biggest shopping days of the year - the problems can be made somewhat more difficult to solve, as the many brands try to attract a consumer’s attention, with so little time to operate in.

Due to the rapid increase in technology in recent years, you can’t fail to have noticed that the physical and the digital worlds are growing closer together – summing up that statement perfectly, as well as offering the perfect solution to creative marketing, are augmented reality labels.

What exactly is Augmented Reality?

Put simply, Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on the user’s view of the real world, providing them with a composite view. Done primarily with a smartphone, tablet or computer, the technology gives users the ability to scan the immediate environment around them, looking for a piece of code that will display a virtual element on their view of the real world. A good example of a popular AR app is the Pokémon Go game that is held up by many to have popularised the AR genre, bringing the method to wider public attention.

As time goes on, there’s no doubting that many people will expect items to be able to have the capacity to offer AR – just like for example, DVD’s are now expected to have extra elements, alongside the main feature. With this in mind, many brands have started to turn to AR already, making sure that they have one foot in the market door, before it becomes overcrowded.

Why should I invest in AR Labels?

When placed on labels of products, the AR code will transform the user’s view of the physical label through their device, into something interactive. This interactive element could be anything from a simple link to a web page, or something like a video, a game, an app, a 3D visualisation - anything really! As you can imagine, this offers the company a great opportunity to further present themselves and their brand in a positive light - the ‘extras’ giving the consumers more reasons to purchase (or keep purchasing) the product that they’re looking at through their device.

If your brand is thinking about implementing Augmented Reality, here are the benefits that it brings;

  • Gives your product the edge when it comes to the ’10 second rule’ . The period in which a consumer is thinking about purchasing a produce will, in a lot of cases, come down to the design of the packaging. If you’re able to offer them something extra, on top of a brilliantly-designed package, this will give you the edge over similar products that are unable to present more information, as they don’t implement AR.

  • Expand your brand by offering consumers an extension to the product that they’re viewing. AR gives you the perfect opportunity to do this. You will be able to offer more information on the product, or even roll out special offers and loyalty rewards. Perhaps introduce a custom app or even a game? Ultimately, it gives you a great opportunity to advertise yourself, whilst being seen as giving a consumer something extra.

  • Seen as forward-thinking . There’s no doubting that your brand will be thought highly of if you embrace technology. By presenting your brand as forward-thinking and tech-savvy, you will build up a good reputation which will only help to retain customers and even gain more sales by word-of-mouth.

  • Long-term cost effectiveness . With the label’s content being held in cloud storage, you are able to update it whenever you wish. This presents your brand with a cost-effective solution in regards to an on-going campaign – you won’t have to design a new label whenever you wish to roll out a new interactive element. You don’t even have to change your current label design – the current design can be coded with the AR needed to present the information you want to be displayed.

CS Labels’ - One step beyond!

At CS Labels, we are constantly forward-thinking, and in partnership with ooh-AR, a market leading AR provider, we have undertaken the printing of many AR labels during the last few years. One of these tasks was the design and printing of AR labels for a brand of beer co-brewed by chart-topping band Madness. Their excellent Gladness beer won best label at the Flexotech Awards for its design quality, something which we are extremely proud of.

Clever use of the substrate to achieve the metallic effect, combined with a dynamic design and excellent colour-to-colour registration, an exceptional example of what can be achieved, and a clear winner.

- Flexotech, on CS Labels’ award-winning design of the Gladness beer.

For an example of how our AR services work, please feel free to download our AR app here. You can even request a free demo of how your AR label may look, so it’s well-worth your time in looking at if you’re investigating the possibility of introducing AR for your brand.

Choose CS Labels for the best in augmented reality labels.

We are an award winning digital printed labels company who have a long and varied experience in printing augmented reality labels and packaging for a wide variety of businesses. Being constantly innovative ourselves, we fully-understand the importance of being at the forefront of new technologies in order to improve business standing.

For more information on our services, please don’t hesitate to try our AR app, or fill out this form for a free demo. Alternatively, you get in touch with our design and print experts today on 01902 365840 or by e-mail at sales@cslabels.co.uk