Intelligent e-cig Packaging Matters

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by Neil Churchill on 15:09 April 05th, 2018
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Intelligent e-cig Packaging Matters!

CS Labels voice their opinion in an article about getting your brand noticed in the competitive and ever expanding e-cig market

Our very own Technical Sales Director Andrew Mansfield was recently interviewed by eCigIntelligence, a well respected analytical, independent, online data resource focused on tracking regulatory change and market intelligence for the e-cigarette and tobacco-alternatives sector.

Our contribution featured heavily in their recent article ‘Have you got the bottle’.

This article talks about some nifty alternative ways to make your e-liquid brand shine in terms of packaging, as well as discussing the design and print options for e-liquid labels themselves.

We’re market leaders in the field of stand-up pouches for short and medium print runs, and the explosion of flexible pouches led to us launching them digitally a few years ago (we were one of the first companies in the world to do this commercially). As regards the e-cig market Andrew said:

“[Pouches....]It’s a different way of doing the cartonage side of things,” says Mansfield. Instead of the rectangular cardboard box you have a pouch with multiple items.

It’s convenient and takes advantage of economies of scale.”

Speaking about keeping costs down but quality high, and whether this is for labels or pouches, Andrew said: “Using digital printing to achieve these aims can also help keep the overall cost of production down. If a brand needs to print a large collection of e-liquids with different flavours and designs, digital printing methods allow users to print different labels without creating different printing plates. This makes it an affordable way to print, even if you’re only doing a short run of limited flavours”

The article is available in full on the eCigIntelligence website.

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