Peel And Reveal Labels For Bottles – Fit More Info On And Avoid The Crease!

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by cslabels on 07:23 May 19th, 2015
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Fit More On To Your Product With Peel And Reveal Labels For Bottles

Peel And Reveal Labels

With CLP chemical labelling regulations looming on the horizon for 1st June 2015, we have seen chemical companies are busy trying to cram as much technical information onto their labels as they can. And if you add language variants to the mix then your labels could look very busy indeed.

Enter peel and reveal labels to save the day, they serve a genuine purpose and are invaluable on flat surfaced containers, for example 1ltr, 2.5ltr and 5ltr containers, as well as trigger pumps (eg. kidney shaped).

But what if your container is a bottle or cylindrical – have you ever experienced peel and reveal around a bottle or spray paint container from one of the leading DIY chains? Think “creasing” and you’re on the right track – not good for your brand.

It’s a fact that when you apply a peel and reveal label around a cylindrical object the layers can prove difficult and crease.

Why Peel And Reveal Labels Can Crease On Bottles Or Cylinders…

Let’s go back to school “Remember Pythagoras theorem” or just “pye” for short.

The circumference of the container is all important, the more layers the longer the circumference, the longer the outer label needs to be. Hence creasing….

CS Labels To The Rescue!

This issue perturbed us, so the team at CS Labels have developed the wraparound label, a single layer of material that wraps around and sticks to itself. It can be opened and closed many times, it looks good and it doesn’t crease. There is a little trick with the tooling, but if you don’t mind, we’ll keep that to ourselves.

And if you are auto applying, just check the applicator can turn further than 360 degrees when applying the label and away you go.

They can be more effective than peel and reveal labels, and they can also be printed on the face and adhesive side of the label.

CLP and space have never had it so good….

No more buying spray paints from leading DIY chains that look like they were purchased from a second hand store.

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