Selling E-Liquid To International Customers? Don’t Forget About Different Nation’s Vaping Laws!

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 14:58 September 13th, 2018
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Last year we noticed that over 90% of packaging artwork submitted to us for printing was falling foul of the TPD/CLP compliance regulations. As a result of this research, we published a white paper regarding getting your vape e-liquid labelling correct which was highly successful.

However, for businesses who sell to customers internationally, it is also important that you consider the laws and legislation around vaping and e-cigarette liquid labels in a variety of different countries.

Vaping Laws Around The World

Laws differ from country to country. Just like different nations have different cultures, they can also have different laws and regulations.

With regards to vaping laws around the world, many people are unsure what the laws are and ask many different questions such as “What countries ban e-cigs?”. Fortunately many of these questions are answered in a fantastic infographic produced by Purplebox Vapours.

Vaping In Europe
The laws regarding vaping vary from country to country in Europe, however in Denmark, e-liquids which contain nicotine are classed as medicinal. This means that they cannot be sold. However, this does not apply to nicotine-free liquids, which can be sold.

Also, in Portugal it is important to note that vaping is heavily regulated, so vapers must be careful in order to avoid being fined.

Vaping In The USA
Like many things in the United States, the laws regarding vaping vary in each state. For example, in California, vaping is included under the smoking ban. This means vaping is banned in areas such as bus stops. However, in Rhode Island and Tennessee there are no regulations regarding indoor vaping, instead it is left at the discretion of the business.

Vaping In Asia
There are some countries in Asia which have complete bans on vaping, some of which carry some very severe penalties for vaping.

Some countries which have complete bans on vaping are the UAE, Qatar, Thailand, and Singapore.

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