Telling A Story Through Label Design

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 07:44 January 07th, 2019
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When creating a label for a product such as Micro-Brewery Labels, it is very important that you provide potential customers with a reason to choose your product instead of choosing a competitor. One way you can do this is by using ‘peel and reveal’ labels to tell a brand story.

Telling A Story Through Label Design

When a potential customer is browsing through different products, considering their purchase. Your label is your opportunity to speak to the individual and convince them to buy your product instead of one of your competitors. This means that you want to explain all the reasons why you are different and unique, what could be more unique than your brand story?

With regards to Micro-Brewery Labelsthe label is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your unique story.  Recently CS Labels have won awards for peels and reveal labels for a popular micro-brewery.  The brand took the opportunity to explain more and more about their ethos by utilising the peel and reveal labels on their beer cans. 

               What Is A Peel And Reveal Label?

A peel and reveal label is a style of digitally printed label that can be peeled to reveal additional information. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses that want to include information regarding the ingredients used in their product, information about the business, or perhaps information for a competition or other promotional event.

Choose CS Labels And Tell Your Story

We have worked alongside numerous businesses to design and print digital labels that inform customers and catch the attention of supermarket shoppers and bar patrons. As a multi-award winning supplier of beer bottle and can labels, you can trust in our talented and experienced team’s ability to provide your business with a high quality and affordable digital labelling solution which will get your brand noticed.

We are a highly skilled family business with over 30 years of experience, so if you’re searching for exceptional quality labelling solutions, look no further than the ISO 9001 2008 accredited provider of award winning digital labels,CS Labels.

Additionally, thanks to the Xeikon technology used at CS Labels, you can enjoy peace of mind as our print processes utilise FDA-approved toner and produce no hazardous emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

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