The Art of Beer Labels: Why Craft Breweries Use Cans To Communicate Their Brand

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 16:39 August 20th, 2019
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With the rise of craft brewing showing no signs of abating , brewers are constantly having to find new and innovative ways to shine a light upon their creations. Whilst the qualities of the beer inside will be the ultimate measure of whether it will linger long in the memory, drinkers will need to be attracted to pick it up in the first place. This is where vibrant beer labels come in.

Craft beer will generally be available to purchase in either bottles or cans – and it’s through the ability to communicate their brand in better-defined detail why an increasing number of craft breweries are turning to cans over bottles. With a larger surface area (in proportion) to cover, breweries are able to tell a story better with the unique designs that can be placed upon a can. But why is storytelling such an important factor in branding?

Using Beer Labels To Tell A Story

The act of storytelling is about connecting with an audience; evoking feelings and thoughts that will attach them to the narrative that’s being described. By creating a connection that they’ll remember, the audience will likely look upon the story favourably whenever they encounter it again.

Brand recognition works in the same way; by implementing a successful brand storytelling strategy, a craft brewery can help their audience to learn more about the product. This will help to grow their audience and create a connection that will remind them of the quality of the brew. One glance at an unforgettable beer label design will be enough to create that unforgettable connection.

Telling a story on beer labels doesn’t mean having to put swathes of text for people to read. Through the clever use of artwork, a microbrewery can display a visual story to their audience; informing them of the type of beer inside, what makes it special, what they might experience on first taste, as well as the identity of the brewery who created it.

An Example of Vibrant Beer Label Design

As a leading provider of beer labelling for both cans and bottles here at CS Labels, we are constantly offering advice and assistance to our clients on the art of beer labels. As we’ve been creating bespoke labels for cans and bottles (amongst other materials) for many years now, we have gained a unique insight into what can shine upon the shelf.

The creation of special, limited edition versions of their products is another great way for breweries to reach out and attract new customers. Take our previous work for Black Iris as an example – being a Nottinghamshire-based microbrewery, they were looking to produce a vivacious version of one of their pale ales to celebrate this year’s Nottingham Pride festivities.

Working closely with them, we helped to create a rainbow-themed design that contrasted strikingly with the black-and-white background . On first glance, this portrayed the ale as being a special edition to the gaze of a passerby – informing them that the makers of this product have taken the time to produce something to celebrate an event that they’re interested in. With this thought, the passerby will be more likely to pick the item up and browse what the story it has to tell. This will be a massive step in closing the sale, as well as creating a memorable brand.

Vibrant Craft Beer Labelling By CS Labels

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