The (Added) Benefits of Digital Labels

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 10:21 November 06th, 2019
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Whenever you hear the term digital labels, several benefits may immediately spring to mind – the superior design qualities, the faster turnaround times or the flexibility in the number of labels that can be produced.

But did you know many other benefits can be attained by choosing to have your labels digitally printed? Benefits that will increase the reach of your brand, build up a loyalty, improve the organisation of stocks and make the process of transporting items around, easier and quicker? Welcome to the world of digital label printing!

Why Use Digital Labels: The Added Benefits

·        Variable data campaigns. One of the best ways to make use of digital labels is by using them to present variant takes on the same product. Whether used as part of a promotion, to place uniqueness on a single item or to encourage buyers to get more involved with the brand; variable data can build a loyalty around a product.

The most recent widespread example of variable data printing was Coca Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign; making use of people’s names on their products to add a touch of personalisation. Now we’re not saying you need to print thousands of names on your products to get attention, but it’s easy to see how such an ability to vary the look of the same product can work to build up an attachment to a brand.

·        Special offers. A great way to promote your brand and to grow a loyal community around it, is by rolling out special offers. Digital printing can quickly and easily produce labels that contain promotions; contained within the text presented on the packaging or in something like a QR code.

·        Multiple SKUs. It wasn’t so long ago that tracking products proved to be difficult and very time-consuming; and time is money. The innovation of SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units) made it possible for product manufacturers to organise, store and locate their products, whilst retailers are able to use them to identify the price, the product options and the manufacturer.

All-in-all, multiple SKUs make the process of organising, locating and finding stock easier and quicker –
digital labelling is the best way to incorporate them into a product’s packaging.

So those were just a small number of additional benefits that can be gained from digitally-printed packaging. If you’re interested in learning more about how your business could benefit specifically, why not consider getting in touch with the label experts here at CS Labels today?

Choose CS Labels For Your Digital Printing Needs

For many years now, the CS Labels team have been helping all manner of business types with labelling solutions. Whether they’re high-end producers of food and drink products, international producers of health and beauty products or start-up businesses with markets to establish themselves in, we can guarantee that the labels and packaging we can produce will help your brand to get noticed, even amongst the most well-established brands.

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