The History of Self Adhesive Labels

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 15:14 June 21st, 2017
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Thanks to their abilities to present a clean, modern design, it can be easy to dismiss self adhesive labels as a relatively recent innovation. On the contrary, these popular types of labels have actually been around for over 70 years, as they provide product packaging with the ability to attract (and present relevant information to) interested browsers.

Why Self Adhesive Labels?

Created through the combination of three components – backing paper, a layer of adhesive and the material designated to be printed upon – self adhesive labels provide a business with a quick and easy way to label their products.  Not only does the material of a self-adhesive label help to showcase a stunning, custom-made design but it also lends itself well to modern labelling elements – such as QR Codes (which are able to take browsers to a website) and augmented reality labels, which can create a virtual world around a product. It’s elements such as these that further boost the reputation of a brand, as modern and forward-thinking – often the clinching factor in a customer choosing the product.

What’s more, is that product labels act as an advertisement tool for a brand – so by implementing the latest in printing technology, businesses will not only be creating better-looking product labels at a lower cost but they’ll also be able to implement what was once the responsibility of an additional, expensive advertisement campaign. Quite simply, they are the modern label of choice for most brands – but how did they begin? Here, we’ll have a look at the history of self adhesive labels.

The Early History of Self Adhesive Product Labels.

In the late 19th century, colourful ‘sticky paper labels’ that were originally created as a form of art, were used by merchandisers to identify their products – and to catch the eye of a customer. Using a gum to stick the paper labels on items such as fruit, the practice proved popular, helped to sell their products and spread to being used on other items. Today, some of these early labels are worth quite a lot to a collector.

It wasn’t until the 1930’s though that saw the invention of a specialist label that would actually stick to the product packaging – the self-adhesive label. R. Stanton Avery, an American merchandiser,  wanted to create a ‘paper label’ that was able to be completely attached to a product; presumably to offer a quick, easier and cheaper way to label products, rather than embossing/painting which was the common labelling practice of the day.

Avery would go on to hit upon the idea of using a type of glue on the back of paper, before applying a liner over it to create the first ‘self-adhesive label’. Proving instantly popular with makers of product, the invention quickly caught on and became the industry standard not long later. Today, the company he founded as a result of his invention, Avery, is a world-leader in offering self-adhesive (as well as other materials) to label creators.

Later Labelling Innovations.

It wasn’t until the 1980’s that self adhesive labels next experienced the next stage of their evolution – the commercial introduction of inkjet printers helping to create more labels, in better quality at much cheaper prices. Although only businesses could realistically afford such printers, as time grew and the market became flooded with such printers, the prices dropped and by the end of the decade, even individuals could afford to produce their own self adhesive labels.

The later introduction of laser printing technology further helped to push the qualities of a self adhesive label to a much higher level. Able to be printed faster, cheaper and with even more clarity than ever before, laser-printed product labels soon became the industry standard as more and more brands became aware of the need to make their products stand out from one another.

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Whilst the cost and ease-of-use provided by self adhesive labels means that anyone can create their own – many businesses still choose to hire professional bespoke printers to create a label that will help theirs to stand out amongst their competition.

Here at CS Labels, we have been at the forefront of labelling and printing technology for many years now. Recent investments have seen us take ownership of some of the fastest mass-printing models in the world. Using the latest digital printing technology, we are able to create self adhesive labels that feature smooth, vibrant tones – helping to promote brands and establishing them as staples of a constantly-growing marketplace.

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