Top Tips on Creating The Perfect Beer Labels

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 14:48 September 28th, 2017
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During the last decade, the growth of the craft brewing industry has been exponential. Home brewing has long been a hobby of many a beer lover but of late, more and more people are taking advantage of the relative-ease of the art and are creating their own microbreweries and setting themselves up in business.

Like any business, the need to create a brand for your produce is vital – this is why many brewers turn to CS Labels to help to produce their ideal beer labels.

Beer Bottle Labels – Why Branding Is Important

The need to be noticed is absolutely paramount when you exist upon the shelf. You could have one of the best beers in the business but if your beer labels are dull, in terms of the design and the quality of label itself, then nobody will pick them off that shelf to try them.

Being small, independent operations, a microbrewery simply will not have any kind of marketing budget that exists for the biggest brands – so they need to literary box clever. One such way is by making the look of their products to be vibrant, attractive and memorable. When combined with easy-to-implement, modern-day techniques, such as QR codes that can continue that brand in a virtual world, even the smallest of operations can battle it out with the largest on the shelf.


Tips on Creating Attractive, Vibrant Beer Labels

Interested in creating your own beer labels? Before you go ahead and design them, there are a few things you should think about first. Here are our tips on creating the perfect labels:


·     Think hard about your product and what you want it to represent. By their nature, craft beer drinkers value the quality of their ale more than the price, so your label should reflect that. Think about what your beer offers the drinker, generate some key words and then think about how those words can be fit together to form a brand. It’s fair to say that drinkers who indulge in craft beer know more about what they’re drinking than the average beer drinker – so use that knowledge to your advantage. By using this information to create a label that uses bold colours, sharp design and easy-to-read phrasing, you’ll be well on the way to creating attractive beer labels.

·        The importance of clarity. Of course, having a target audience that is clued-up on what you offer could work as a negative, if you don’t make things clear. What type of beer are you offering? What essence does it offer the drinker? Does it have a captivating, easy-to-remember name? These are all aspects that you should think about incorporating on your label if you want experienced craft drinkers to pick up your bottles.

·        Different beers/same theme. Need to create more than one type of label for multiple products? Then you’ll obviously want to ensure that each will be unique and able to reflect the quality and taste of the beer. However, you should think about having the same themes running through each of your product labels. For example, many breweries use the same fonts or style of label, despite different labels being in different colours and containing different designs and information. If a drinker notices a consistency, they’ll be more inclined to perhaps try your other produce – creating brand loyalty.

·        Get expert help. With the design of the beer labels being the be-all and end-all for your brand, enlisting the help of an expert printing company would be a vital tool to use. Having created many different brands, they will have the experience and the commercial know-how of what works and what doesn’t. When combined with your ideas and requirements, they will be able to create a label that would be perfect for your brand.


Need To Create Beer Labels? Let CS Labels Help

Our design and print experts here at CS Labels have a long and varied experience of working with all manner of different brands, of all sizes, industries and requirements. We can guarantee you that no matter your needs or budget, we will help your brand to stand out from the rest.

Please continue to browse our website to see many examples of our labels (including the award-winning Gladness beer label we designed on behalf of a brewery who created an ale with chart-topping band, Madness!)

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