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Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 15:50 April 18th, 2019
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With specific focus to labelling techniques such as embellishments and film, is it possible to turn a 59p bottle of water into something that could be sold for £5 using nothing but water bottle labels ?

Transforming Your Product From Budget To Premium Through Label Design

1. Craft A Sense Of Luxury
When designing a label for a premium product, it is very important that the product creates a sense of luxury. This can be done in a variety of different ways, on one hand you could utilise foils to add gold and silver lettering to your label, crafting a luxurious image with shiny metallic colours. On the other hand you could use transparent labelling with the use of film and substrates to showcase the clarity of the water and allow the product to ‘speak for itself’.

2. Use Elegant Images
To further showcase the prestige of your brand, you could make use of elegant images. For example, you could include an artistic sketch of the area where your water is sourced. Or perhaps you could use cultural artwork from the region where the water is located, for example if you’re bottling water from a spring or mineral water source that was promoted by the Romans, you might consider using some Roman inspired artwork on your labels.

3. Take Inspiration From Other Brands
It’s always worthwhile looking at the competition and examine at what is helping them to succeed and take inspiration from their style and techniques. Look at how competitors are using their labels and imagery; ask yourself what makes the bottle and the packaging look more valuable than other brands?

For example, you could compare the differences between bottled water from brands such as Bling H20, Fillico, and Tasmanian Rain. All three luxury brands use labelling and packaging techniques to create a luxury image that sets them apart from the rest. Consider techniques such as frosting, embossing, embellishing, and accessorising; could any of these be used to improve your brand’s labelling and packaging?

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