Using Digital Labels To Incorporate Celebrity Endorsements

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 15:05 September 30th, 2019
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The possibilities to give your brand a nudge beyond your competitors are plentiful. Away from getting involved in a ‘price war’, you can make your brand stand out by creating unique versions of your product, you could offer promotions or competitions – or you could even get an endorsement from a celebrity.


The common way to communicate all of this information is by creating attractive digital labels – not only can you craft vibrant label designs that include all of the colours, quotes and images you need, you can also take advantage of modern innovations, such as high-definition printing, QR codes or augmented reality labels to create excitement around your brand.


Here, we’re going to take a look at how endorsements from celebrities can be created around product labelling.

Incorporating Celebrity Endorsements on Digital Labels

The fundamental basis of gaining a celebrity endorsement is to give a product a sense of prominence. In the mind of the customer, your brand will be seen as ‘a brand that can be trusted as X celebrity has placed their name onto it’. In the past, however, beyond placing their name and image on product labels (as well as in costly advertisements), it was difficult to create a dedicated ‘community’ around the products.


Today, however, all that has changed – because of relatively-recent innovations in digital labels, product-creators are able to sprinkle more of that stardust onto their brand, conveying their famous endorsements better than ever before. Modern printing technology can create high-definition photo-quality imagery; presenting the celebrity endorsement and the product’s branding in deeper, better-defined, realistic detail. This will likely be the difference in making the product’s design stand out ahead of its competitors.


Then there are other ways in which a brand label can communicate with customers; QR codes allow those attracted by the label to invest themselves more into the products they’re viewing. The code is a link that once scanned with the user’s mobile phone, will take them to a webpage from where they can find out more information – the high-definition label design works to catch their attention and the information on there closes the sale, welcoming them into the ‘community’ the company is trying to build.


Not only does this allow a brand to provide further information about the particular product (as well as promote their celebrity endorsement in more detail), it also gives them more flexibility in how they are able to design their product labelling. Thanks to the high-quality print capabilities, they’ll be able to place more focus on including even more vibrant imagery on the label (rather than taking up space with unnecessary information that can be better utilised on a webpage, for example).

How We Have Used Digital Labelling To Promote Celebrity Brands

As an industry leader in the printing of a vast range of high-definition product labels, the team here at CS Labels have built up a significant labelling portfolio. As a great example of how a business can use their labels to incorporate celebrity endorsements was our work creating digital labels (with augmented reality capabilities) for a brand of beer endorsed by chart-topping band, Madness. The label of their ‘Gladness’ beer went on to win ‘Best Label Design’ at the 2013 Flexotech Awards – our third time winning the award. As of 2019, the brand continues to prove popular – with two more Madness-endorsed beers added to their line-up.


Celebrity endorsements need to stand out, of course – and digital printing allows for a multitude of different colour combinations to be created on product labels. CS Labels were the first to adopt the use of Xeikon colour control, which gives us the ability to optimise each print job to match CMYK or Pantone colour models. As a result, we can create stunning-looking designs with high-definition photo-realistic imagery that better reflects the branding of the product, as well as presenting all the information that it needs to, in order to capture the attention of customers.


So, if you’re interested in learning more about how your brand could benefit from digitally printed labels, why not consider getting in touch with the expert team here at CS Labels?

Digital Label Printing By CS Labels

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