Ward Off Intruders with Window Stickers

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 08:27 April 30th, 2014
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Protecting a home or business from intruders can be a daunting task, but an important one. There are many different types of alarms, fences, security lights and other methods that can help you protect your home. These methods can be supplemented with the addition of window stickers from CS Labels.

How Can Window Stickers Help Ward Off Intruders?

Window stickers won’t ward off intruders by themselves; rather they should be used in conjunction with other security measures to keep your property safe.

Having window stickers displaying what security measures are in place around your home or property can be very beneficial. For example, having stickers that inform intruders that your house is protected by CCTV or by electronic alarm systems will make potential burglars think twice about targeting your property. Indeed, sometimes you can use window stickers as a kind of double bluff as you may not have a security system installed but wish to give the appearance that you do. However, this is very risky and we would not recommend it.

Security window stickers should be placed in areas that are highly visible to ensure that any potential intruder sees them. The windows of a front room or door windows make a great place to stick your security stickers. Ultimately, you want them to be highly visible and notify intruders of your security measures so as to deter them from entering uninvited. You can also use them on your car to put off would be auto thieves.

Whilst window security stickers won’t necessarily protect your home or business premises on their own, they do make an excellent addition to a complete security system for that extra little peace of mind. 

What Types of Security Window Stickers Are Available From CS Labels?

With CS Labels, you can print any design of window sticker you require, so why not consider the following to aid in your home or business security?

•    Neighbour Hood Watch Stickers – Joining your Neighbourhood Watch is a brilliant idea if you’re concerned about security. Show off the fact your property is protected by your neighbours with Neighbourhood Watch stickers

•    CCTV Warning Signs – Put off potential burglars by clearly showing your house is protected by CCTV cameras

•    Electronic Alarm System Signs – A burglar will be less likely to target your property if you clearly display the fact it is protected by an electronic alarm system.

Why Choose CS Labels For Your Security Window Stickers?

Ideally window stickers that are being used for security purposes must be bright, clear and have all the relevant information about your security systems on them. CS Labels are the right choice for printing off window stickers.

At CS Labels, we use digital printing to ensure all our stickers and labels are printed in high definition and all of our window stickers are made using UV lightfast to ensure that they are sun resistant and won’t fade over time.

For more information about how window stickers can be used to ward off intruders, or any of their other uses, contact us on 01902 365840 or email sales@cslabels.co.uk.