What Can You Do With Window Stickers

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 10:18 December 11th, 2012
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Window stickers are a highly versatile type of digital label that can be used for a range of commercial and domestic purposes.

Commercial Uses Of Window Stickers

In workplaces that require promotional activities, window stickers can work as a great method of advertising. Retail stores, car dealerships, restaurants and entertainment sectors like cinemas, can all benefit from designing custom window stickers to draw in customers.
Front of house windows are always a prime location to display any promotions you are running or to present things that catch people’s attention and draw them inside.  

•    At cinemas they can be window stickers of iconic characters featuring in the films currently available to watch.
•    Restaurants can display pictures promoting their top dishes, special themed events like Christmas or country specific cuisine.
•    Car dealerships can have window stickers of their company logo displayed on all the windscreens of their cars. They can also display large price signs.
•    Retail stores can also display stickers relating to price specific offers or discounts. In addition they can put up themed images that reflect the style of their store.

Domestic Use of Window Stickers

For regular households window stickers can be creatively used for a number of purposes. They are not useful just for promotions. Parents or guardians looking to entertain children with creative activities can order a collection of window stickers to decorate a child’s bedroom. They can add a splash of personal style and creativity to their room, featuring their favourite characters or doodles.
Similarly, during this Christmas season you can order a festive range of window stickers like snowflakes and flying reindeer to stick on your windows. They will be a welcome addition to the rest of the decorations around your home.

Custom Printed Window Stickers

If you’re looking for high quality printed window stickers at a great price, come to CS Labels. They specialise in digital label printing, which includes the production of window stickers. They can create distinctive designs that are UV lightfast and strong enough to stick to windows without peeling, until you’re ready to remove them.

CS Labels can satisfy small to large order sizes and utilise the latest printing technology to operate an efficient and effective solution for you. 

For more information contact CS Labels by calling 01902 365840 or email: sales@cslabels.co.uk