What are Self Adhesive labels?

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 16:47 April 16th, 2014
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At CS Labels we are digital label printing specialists. With years of experience, having started life as a family screen printer, we have subsequently grown to become one of Europe’s leading digital printers using high quality Xeikon printing technology. Self adhesive labels are some of our most popular label options, so here we will explain a bit more about the process that goes into making them.

What Are Self Adhesive Labels?

Self adhesive labels, otherwise known as pressure sensitive labels are created by printing onto a construction of three different layers:

•    A release liner (backing paper/glassine)
•    Layer of adhesive
•    The face material

The release liner is usually made out of paper and is coated with silicone on one side (occasionally two) to enable the label to be removed cleanly, with ease from the liner. For high volume applications, applicator machines are used to apply labels at high speed, and a plastic is used as the release liner, as it is much more durable than paper. Polypropylene based liners with Proliner product are currently the industry preference for major suppliers, UPM Raflatac. Some companies however, prefer polyester (PET) liners. The majority of labels are still paper based though, as it has become established and proven in the marketplace.

What Are The Different Adhesives?

In contrast with the relatively narrow range of liners, there are many different types of adhesives to choose from. Here are four different options that are generally considered to make the best adhesives:

•    Hot melt
•    Permanent
•    Peel
•    Special

Most self-adhesive labels use water based acrylic permanent or water based acrylic peel-able adhesives. If you are looking for a label that will be in a tougher or moist environment, then the hot melt option is advisable. There are a host of ‘special’ adhesive options available. You can choose from water, UV, hot melt, or solvent based adhesives for the labels you need to stay fixed and firm.

Face Materials

This is the part where the choice can be slightly overwhelming, but hopefully this will simplify it for you. There are generally two main types of face material: Paper and synthetic/plastic. Within the paper group, you can choose between coated or uncoated finishes, which come with a range of options themselves. The plastic options are polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyester. Polypropylene is commonly used as it renowned for its durability, cost, and print quality.

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