What Are Tactile Labels?

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 15:15 May 04th, 2017
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There was once a time when retailers sold products directly off the shelf with no packaging – often these items (especially food items) wouldn’t last for very long and many would even break and be rendered unusable because of the absence of specialist, protective packaging. Today of course, we can produce bespoke labels and packaging that can help to protect the products in transit, give the user vital information and help to keep the contents fresh and usable.

Over time, the types of products that we consume have increased immeasurably, many requiring their own specialist packaging. As this demand has grown, so has the demand for the labels to contain more information on the makeup of the contents, some being a legal requirement. One such requirement for many products that we use today, is the usage of tactile labels.


What Are Tactile Labels?


Tactile labels take the form of a raised warning indicator that helps blind or visually impaired persons to identify potentially dangerous products. The usage of tactile labels is required by law for products that contain elements that can be classified as toxic, corrosive, flammable or harmful in any way.

With millions of people in the UK suffering from visual impairments, along with the tens of thousands that regularly use Braille, you can see why getting the packaging right is important. When a blind or visually impaired person handles a package, it can be very difficult (sometimes impossible) to identify what that product is – by placing a simple tactile warning symbol on the packaging, the product can be identified as containing dangerous elements, immediately.

The standard ISO 11683:1997 refers to tactile packing and sets out the correct size and makeup of the symbol for the label. The regulation states that tactile symbols must be:


  • As large as possible to fit within the confines of the package.
  • Shaped as a triangle which must have all of its corners as sharp as possible.
  • The shape itself must be raised above the rest of packaging to a height of 0.25mm-0.5mm.


The Continuing Need For More Tactile Labels.


As time goes on and new products are created and become popular brands, the need to efficiently label them becomes important for their continued success. For example – the electronic cigarette market has experienced a massive amount of growth within the last few years and the liquid used in the operation of an e-cig device is considered as harmful if not correctly used. This means that producers and suppliers of the products are required by law to place tactile labels on their products.

Tactile printing doesn’t just offer a warning – they can also be implemented within the design of packaging, to provide a unique feel to the product. With the printing technology at our disposal today, these types of labels and packaging can be produced with ease, leaving the brand with a wide range of choice when it comes to selecting their ideal designs.


High-Quality Printing From CS Labels.


Here at CS Labels, we have been operating within the label and packaging printing industry for many years now, serving businesses and brands of varying sizes. Changing with the trends and technologies that time has thrown at us – we can now boast the ownership of some of the fastest, most versatile digital printing presses in the world. It’s thanks to our continuous improvement, adaption to modern trends and experience in producing high-quality labels and packaging that keeps us at the forefront of the industry – something which can only be of benefit to the brands of our clients and eventually, the end consumer.

With our tactile labels printing service, your products can:


  • Sufficiently abide by law and help visually impaired or blind persons to understand your product.
  • The effect can be applied to a wide variety of self-adhesive labels.
  • Create a ‘3-D effect’ on your packaging.
  • Useful for products that may be designed for use outdoors – an embossed design will allow the user a better grip on the item.
  • Produced at an extremely high quality at an extremely competitive rate.

Being long established and recognised by the industry, we can guarantee that the labels we produce will help your brand to get noticed, even amongst the most well-established brands.


Choose CS Labels For A Comprehensive Digital Label Printing Service.

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