What Do People Look For When They Read Food Labels?

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 14:49 September 19th, 2017
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Food labels work as a great way to promote a product; as it sits on the shelf amongst similar items, waiting to be selected by passing customers. Labels also play another crucial role; the giving out of important information that play a key role in them being purchased, or not.

Here, we’ll look at the three main areas that people look for when they read the labelling present on a food item that they’re interested in purchasing:


Food Labels As Information

First and foremost, it’s crucial for food labels to communicate to the browser what their product is, who makes it and of course, what exactly it comprises of. With an increasingly health-conscious population, the checking of labels for things such as calories, fat and sugar counts are pretty commonplace. Other people, due to certain medical conditions, will have to check the label anyway, so getting that information there, is crucial in closing a sale.

Other information that needs to be given out on food labelling, include flavouring/variety/type that the product represents, as well as other information designed to tempt the browser into make a purchase. Whilst the statistical information in regards to the makeup of the food needs to played straight down the line and be correct – you can (and really should) take artistic licence with using other information as a promotional tool. But more about that later...


The Aesthetics of Food Labelling

You may have the best quality of product, the most unique on the shelf, in fact – but if nobody is going to notice it, it won’t sell. This is why much thought is placed into the design of foods labels, in order to provide an attractive light to the passing browser that they just have to stop at.

Think about it in the same manner of those ‘no frills’ own-brand products that are created by the country’s largest supermarket chains. These products have labels and packaging that is plain and uniform – instantly indicating what they are. These types of products, in terms of their flavourings and nutritional values, are arguably not that much different than their big-name counterparts that sit on the shelf next to them. Despite that (and the much-cheaper price of own-brand products) it’s the attractiveness of the packaging and the brand it represents that trumps even the price for some people.

Often, the design can be the difference in someone choosing a product and once they try it for themselves and realise that they have made a great choice in purchasing, this will likely see them return and purchase again – creating brand loyalty.

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Food Labels As Promotion

Speaking of branding – food labels can help even the smallest of food producers to carve themselves out a nice niche on the shelf against their big-name counterparts. As the big companies have exponential marketing campaigns to fall back upon, this isn’t a luxury that smaller companies can afford. Which is why being able to provide an attractive label and getting each and every aspect of its design and information down and correct, is so important. Thanks to relatively-recent labelling innovations (such as QR codes that can create a promotional link to a web page or simply offer the reader further information), if you’re seen by the browser as innovative and able to offer them more than just the product contained inside, then they’ll be more likely to make a purchase. They may even return to buy again in the not-too-distant future.

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High-Quality Food Labelling From CS Labels

Here at CS Labels, we fully understand trying to get your product noticed amongst so many similar items can prove to be a difficult task – which is why we’re able to offer you a high-quality food labelling solution. With food labels needing to contain so much information and aesthetically-pleasing elements, it’s understandable if the process is a daunting one  - not so with our custom labels service.

Drawing on our many years of experience, we are able to work alongside you to design a label that will make for fantastic long-term branding, thanks in no small part to our methods of printing and the materials we use. No matter what type of food labels or packaging that you require – from plastics, cardboard or glass, we are able to help you to get a foothold and climb that often-treacherous retail mountain.


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