We Celebrate Zero Waste to Landfill!

CS Labels is awarded zero landfill for labels and foil.

As most of you know, we officially moved premises recently.

Our new purpose designed building continues deliver so many benefits, one of which is the ability to completely recycle the waste materials that are a by-product of digital labels and packaging production.

The extra floor and storage space our 20,000 sq ft building provides features a recycling basket at the end of each production line.
The basket collects all waste products such as the core, matrix waste, glassine, waste foil and more.

We’ve now moved from using three skips of waste per week to collect these materials, to zero landfill – which means everything connected to the creation of your labels is recycled.

The Zero 2 Landfill Labels Scheme has diverted 47,496 tonnes from landfill at time of writing, and we’re proud to play a part in that.
Simon Smith’s mission has always been to ‘be the best we can be’ when it comes to the environment, and this is another feature of that.

We are passionate about the environment and in January 2014 we were awarded the prestigious ISO 14001 accreditation for environmental management.

Digital printing is cleaner and greener than traditional methods, and we compliment this with lots of other initiatives on energy reduction and recycling such as paper recycling baskets for staff, and also encouraging customers to only buy what they need.

You can read our environmental policy here.

It’s so great to know that any waste from our labels and packaging will now be repurposed to generate new energy.

We are also glad that the waste management industry as a whole is catching up with label producers needs when it comes to such matters.