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Candle Labels

Candle labels are usually attached to jars, candles or packaging holding candles giving information.

When you think of a candle there are so many examples of what a candle looks like and what its primary function is.  Candles aren’t just for light; they create can ambiance and fragrance, and they’re available in so many shapes, sizes, scents, and containers.

The Importance of Candle Labels

There are several well known candle brands, but thousands of candle-makers, and each individual type requires its own label.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a large brand or a boutique candle maker, labels are part of your product presentation.

Essential Oil Labelling carries much of the same guidelines as candles (with specific focus to CLP).  Speak to one of our team to gather advice on the best label composition for essential oil bottles.

Take a look at some of the labels we have produced here

What needs to be considered when ordering candle labels?

Adhesives - Although wax surfaces have a very low adhesive susceptibility (meaning that even a permanent adhesive can peel off without leaving residue), if you’re using a jar, or a strip wrap, you need to consider if the area in which the label is stuck to needs to be left unaffected or not.  Candles which are used in glass containers need an adhesive which isn’t reactive to high temperatures to prevent peeling caused by heat.

Is the candle industry regulated in the UK?

Not currently, but if the candle contains any hazardous materials it does require CLP labelling (Classification, Labelling and Packaging).  Both the wax and the fragrance must be considered when deciding if CLP is required for your candles.